About me

Hi my name is Hector Acosta I am a software engineer curretly working in a startup. I graduate from University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. I have create projects using Python, Javascript and Java. Although I also know C++ and php I have not used them in a while. I spend my free time working out, watching TV or playing video games (RIP SCII next to Python 2 ). I hope you enjoy my website and if you have any suggestion please send me an email or a Linkedin message.


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Web app capable of track user income and their income. The app use authenticaion and authorization. The project use REST arquitecture and MVC
Web Chat
Web app that allows their user to send in real time messages to others users. the project is use sockets to send and received the messages.
Github Display
SPA that display data from github. Some of the data that display is programming languages, social data about the user and commits per project

Small Projects

Post App

Social media app that allow their users to post and see their friends posts

Tasks Tracker

Keeps track of tasks done by the user. The user can determine if an tasks was complete in the time given or not, and recived rewards for that

Portafolio V1

First portafolio that I wrote after learning basics of HTML, Javascript and CSS